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Make a Donation

ACTS is run entirely by those who are dedicated to helping educate, foster and adopt animals. We do not receive any government funding only by support and donations from private individuals and local companies who care and want to support us with our mission. Based on our experience housing rescued pigs it is estimated that the yearly cost for caring for a pig is roughly $1,800. This cost includes food, veterinary exams, spay/neuter/ vaccinations. That does not include the cost of the property and grounds in which they live. Monetary donations of any size are ALWAYS appreciated!



With the number of rescued animals at ACTS constantly growing (currently 100+), we are always in need of volunteers in any capacity! We are looking for individuals or families to spend time with our pigs, help clean pens, assist with feeding times, snuggle with piglets, and help our animals become as comfortable as they can be around people so they can increase their chances of finding a loving home! Click the link below to set up an appointment for volunteering!


Donate Supplies

If you cannot donate financially, but you still would like to help support our organization, we are ALWAYS in need of additional supplies. The following items are always needed and appreciated:


Mini Pig Feed

Goat Feed


Coconut Oil (the edible type)

Cheerios (plain)

Plastic Dishes/Bowls

Pet Toys


Pet Beds

Dog Food

Feel free to contact us for information on specific needs we have at any time!


Link Your Fry's Card

Want to help financially without anything coming out of your pocket? 

Link your Fry's Card using the link below and Fry's will donate a portion of your purchase to our organization!

Follow the link below and follow the instructions. You can search for ACTS by using code IQ446 or by name using Aspire Community Therapy Services ACTS Association.

Monthly and Weekly donations

Recurring monthly and weekly donations.
$7 = 1,000 gallons of water  

$25 = one bag of feed 

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